Please Help Friends of the Parks Grow!

Friends of the Parks greatly appreciates your donation! When you donate to Friends of the Parks you join thousands who are committed to making a positive difference in Chicago’s neighborhood parks.

A Letter from Our Executive Director:

Dear Friend,

You cheered us on and encouraged us to stand up for Chicago’s pride and joy—our lakefront.  We are so honored that you would place your trust in us to undertake the enormous battle of protecting our public trust park land.

Now we humbly come to you for your help.

The ongoing struggle to keep Chicago’s parkland available and accountable to the public—in neighborhoods all across this city—needs you.

So many more people across Chicago now know the name of Friends of the Parks, whether or not they agreed with us about the importance of protecting the lakefront.

They are calling us to come to their neighborhood and fight for their local park.

  • They want to know what will happen to the local track and ballfields where their kids train when they are displaced by a presidential library.
  • They don’t understand how decisionsto host raucous concerts, that are out of scale with the environment or don’t seem beneficial to local residents, in their neighborhood park get made without community input.
  • They complain that new parking fees mean that they can’t afford to go to the nearest beach.
  • They point out that leasing out of all the volleyball courts and softball fields to private sports clubs means that friends and neighbors can’t just organize a casual ball game to blow off steam and build community.
  • They ask us to teach them how to organize locally to advocate effectively as a Park Advisory Council.
  • They want to learn how to steward their neighborhood green space rather than waiting for an understaffed Chicago Park District to weed and mulch and plant trees.

We cannot rise up to meet the demand without champions like you. Will you please consider Friends of the Parks in your charitable giving decisions today?

Please know how honored we are when you choose to invest in Friends of the Parks.

We know there are many worthy organizations seeking your support.  In this season and always, we are so grateful.

At your service,

Juanita Irizarry

Executive Director