The Associate Board hosts several fundraisers through out the year and they also get their hands dirty by volunteering to do park clean ups. Also, the Associate Board Members have the opportunity to serve on the Seed Grant Committee, which awards grants to local parks to fund their projects.

Executive Board

  • Mike Owens, President

  • John Paulin, Treasurer

  • Sam Clement, Co-Director of Marketing

  • Jon Widell, Co-Director of Marketing

  • Pam Kelly, Director of Community Outreach


  • Hannah Armanini

  • Veronica Barrios

  • Chad Broderick

  • Caitlin Cummer

  • Michael DeRuntz

  • Patrick Dickinson

  • Jonathan Ehmann

  • Anthony Harvey

  • Kevin Kohlstedt

  • Amanda Lawson

  • Ryan Jensen

  • Aiysha Johnson

  • Karthik Nagarur

  • Tejash Patel

  • Allison Rudick

  • Steve Walsh

  • Jack Wheeler

  • Ryan Wilk

  • Drakia Wilkins

  • Mark Woodhurst

  • Tom Woods

  • Mitchell Worden